National Human Trafficking Hotline
233733 (BeFree)
SC Office of the Attorney General
Columbia, SC

SC State Task Force Prevention Work Group Prevention Work Group Purpose and Goals


  • To provide updates and recommendations on the best practices and prevention education curricula for middle and high school students to the Attorney General and State Task Force.
  • To create and disseminate a comprehensive, clear and research based message about human trafficking awareness, prevention and resources to constituents, educators and students in the state of South Carolina.
  • To educate all persons that work with children in any capacity to recognize, intervene and report signs, suspicions of possible trafficking victims, consumers and traffickers.
  • To educate children beginning with middle and high school on the signs and tactics used to attract or lure them into -knowingly or unknowingly- becoming victims of trafficking.
  • To work collaboratively to lower the risk of children being trafficked to ultimately eliminate human trafficking of children in SC.
  • To educate all school districts, parents, foster parents, first responders and emergency staff, hospitality, homeless shelter staff and mandated reporters, including all service providers that serve children in any capacity across the state of SC.


  1. The prevention work group will create the Office of Attorney General’s recommended messaging against human trafficking for the state of SC.
  2. The prevention work group will research various human trafficking prevention curricula and generate a chart of research-based or best practices for prevention education of students, educators, mandated reporters and citizens of SC. This chart will be accessible on the State Task Force website and serve as a resource guide for prevention education purposes.
  3. The prevention work group will create a 1 and 2- hour overview presentation of human trafficking in SC, its impact, victims, resources, intervention techniques, reporting and treatment options across the state. The work group members will advocate for the on-going human trafficking prevention education of all middle and high school students in the state of SC.