National Human Trafficking Hotline
233733 (BeFree)
SC Office of the Attorney General
Columbia, SC

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State Task Force Labor Trafficking Training: January 22, 2021

Fact Sheets

Learn how to define human trafficking, identify potential victims, and report human trafficking incidents to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Download here.


Aprenda cómo definir la trata de personas, identificar posibles víctimas,
y reportar incidentes de trata de personas a la Línea Nacional de Trata de Personas. Descargar aquí.


Learn how to define sex trafficking, how to recognize the types of sex trafficking, and the common signs of a sex trafficking victim. Download here.


Learn how to define labor trafficking, how to recognize the types of labor trafficking, and the common signs of a labor trafficking victim. Download here.


Understand the how traffickers can use the internet to exploit victims and learn how caregivers can implement safety mechanisms to prevent youth from being victimized. Download here.


Comprender cómo los traficantes pueden usar Internet para encontrar, capacitar y aprovecharse de sus víctimas. Aprender cómo los cuidadores pueden implementar mecanismos de seguridad para evitar que los jóvenes sean víctimas. Descargar aquí.